Having had experience of major construction works previously, after several initial meetings with Mark Connolly and key people within his team, we made the decision to launch into a 5 year multi stage renovation and restoration project with MCBC.  We have not looked back.  From project management, resourcing, works programmes, to working out solutions on the ground, Mark Connolly and his highly capable team have been nothing short of superb. 


Having worked with a number of builders and contractors beforehand, one (of a number of) thing that stands out is how all his team from plasterer to electrician, labourer to stone mason, everyone pulls in the same direction; potential conflictions of work never occur, efficient working patterns are worked out from ground up as well as top down and every tradesperson in his team is motivated, hardworking and work a full day!  This speaks volumes.  Moreover at several junctures during the renovation, the site foreman and/or one of the leading trades has saved significant funds and time by all team members ‘working smart’ (e.g. by discovering a perfectly serviceable existing waste water run we could utilise - saving many thousands of pounds) or recommending a more cost effective work solution a previously planned work schedule.


We have nothing but praise for MCBC Ltd, namely Mark Connolly and his highly capable team.  Whether faced with a building extension or minor works, to major structural ground up build, Mark Connolly Building Contractors offer the same high level professional expertise (in a down to earth easy to grasp fashion for the client!) and same motivated, ‘work smart’ construction team; with everyone involved being mindful of doing the job right and efficiently for the customer.  Please do not hesitate to contact me for a personal reference!


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